poniedziałek, 21 września 2015

The first Decuberry Open Day is over...

It was really wonderful day!

Thank you for all people who took part 
in our Open Day in Decuberry studio.

It was very nice to meet so many nice people in one place:) We are very happy that we could show our works. Now you know what is it, the Decuberry studio - that it's a friendly place where you can come, spend a nice time and met various kinds of art.
A huge thank you for charming Margaret from The Pop Up Room Shoop for her attendance with her beautiful things and for supporting me.

Thanks to Black Zebra - Anna Strzałkowska, who was present only spiritually this time - for her beautiful pictures around us.

We know that not all of you could come yesterday - but nothing is lost... We have the first workshops with Vintro Chalk Paint for 3 weeks and the next open day really soon... 

I'm really sorry but I had no time to do a pictures...I wanted rather to talk with my guests who were very nice and really interested in what we have got here to show and what we do... But I promise that I will make more pictures next time.

See you next time really soon, because on 4-th of October we have the first workshops with Vintro Chalk Paints - http://decuberry.blogspot.co.uk/2015/09/shabby-chic-furniture-painting-workshops.html

Have a beautiful day, Joanna