poniedziałek, 15 czerwca 2015

My Scottish adventure with the travel souvenirs.

I have a lot of things which I love to do in my "artistic" part of my life. It is painting of furniture, decorating with the decoupage method, weaving of the paper wicker, teaching others on the workshops, remodeling a various things, a small upholstering... 
And now, I think that the biggest fight inside me takes between painting and decoupage. But why? Because when I paint something, I can see a big transformation right away - and I really love it. But, from other site, when I do decoupage it calms and mutes me and I also love it. 
Even not long ago I've worked in the beautiful place in a heart of Glasgow - Alamo guesthouse. I've spent really nice moments there with wonderful, charming people. Emma and Steve creates their own, very original, nice, awesome place among Scottish guest houses. A lot of guests from around the world willingly return to Alamo from years. 
There was a day when I've showed my craft things and they've asked me if could I do something special for their guests??? I've started to think what could it be? 

People who come on holidays or are during the travel likes to take something as a keepsake but they've not a lot of space in their luggage. So, it should to be something small and not too heavy. 

And exactly in this way I've created the Scottish travel souvenirs. 

Now my souvenirs has started 3-rd season in the Alamo guest house and I'm really happy of it because the guests from all over the world eagerly buy them even though I'm not working there now. 

So, with a great pleasure I'd like to show you some of them.

At first were made the soaps - here are the examples only. The most of them are sold. Of course I can do the soap with same pattern but it never be exactly the same thing.

This pattern very much likes guests whose roots are from Scotland - 

old sometimes funny Gaelic words.

Don't hesitate let me know that you like it hehe;)

Then I created other, not too heavy Scottish souvenirs:

Glasses cases


And finally the most popular last time - coasters :)!

Here you can see my souvenirs in their ordinary place - in a main hallway in The Alamo Guest House

In fact, they have even better place now and everything looks more professional but I don't have the newer pictures :/

Maybe now will be easier for you to understand me - I mean, my inner fight between painting of furniture and decoupage... but I think I'm able do it simultaneously without the loss for each of both of my loves ;)

See you next time, Joanna