sobota, 13 czerwca 2015

Pictures of a series of "before and after"

I've promised that I show you yesterday the pictures of my finished work...but I've been too tired to do this. So, I'm doing it right now:)
The blue cabinet/chest of drawers it is piece of furniture in excellent condition - very solid without ugly smell, dry and functional. 3 big, deep drawers and 2 cupboards with shelves. Really beautiful piece of furniture. Beautiful but seems too heavy in its building - because of its colour I think. That's because I've decided to give it some lightness - the Turquoise colour from Autentico palette seemed be a good option. 

What do you think about it? 

I'm personally impressed - I really like how it looks now, really:) 


...and after

I've used the white, chalk wax to lighting on the middle of doors, drawers and the top then I've used the mix of natural and dark wax to give an accent just a little bit around a borders doors, drawers and the top of course. Just as look of a small marks of dirty fingers during use. All is only a little bit distressed.

All those darker pictures gives a better look of true color:)

 And a special project to my son's room. 

It meant to be the one and only old/vintage accent in his room. I hope to show all design of his room soon.
It was also really old and solid builded chest of drawers. The straight shape does not give a lot of ways especially for a teenager's project. All depended from his own imagination borders - how far we can go with an old look in a modern room of young man.


The frame is painted in the black with acrylic paint. And the drawers are painted with a special chalkboard paint. I've changed the handles - now there is a really solid rope. It was necessary to drill another holes (they've been there before but someone filled them and attached those ugly, plastic handles on a one screw). There was a lot of work with it ( I show you my fingers after this work hehe). It's not yet finished - I'd like to do a numbered drawers - I show you the pictures of it a little bit later. 

We couldn't wait bring this chest of drawers to our home;) 

...and after...

My son agreed just for a delicate distressing ;) 

But I also personally think that it is actually enough!

Now I'm very interesting what do you think about my ideas. Do you like them? Let me know please in comment. See you soon with other thing which are waiting for their new life. 


And finally the biggest transformation of yesterday's day - my poor fingers after the rope handles job... 

As you can see I'm able to make a miracles hehe;) 

I'm waiting for your comments below:)

See you next time, Joanna