piątek, 25 grudnia 2015

Classes, workshops, activities, individual lessons - Decuberry schedule for 2016 and a big challenge ;)

Why I decided to do it? 

1. I also did it in Poland, before I came here...2. ...because I receive a lot of questions about it...3. ...and also because my studio is placed in a very charming and climate place in an old factory, among other artistic and creative people - it's a perfect space to create something personal and beautiful.

We will learn together and also one from another - I count on your patience because, during our classes you will learn how to paint furniture, how to properly glue the napkin or how to do a beautiful cracks and I, will learn and practice my language skills with you;) I hope we will have a lot of fun ;) 
Anyway, I think we can learn more through watching and practise than through speaking... Let's try it together ;)
I'm ready for this challenge and what about you?

We've had our first Chalk Painting class on 01/11/2015 with a huge help of Margaret from The Pop Up Room Shop. It was the Scottish/Polish meeting. 
And thanks to Margaret - she is really wonderful, nice, helpful and also sincere woman - I became more confident to share my studio, my time and my skills and start to run classes frequently and regularly. So, just have a look how it was in November ;)

Margaret with her chair -  The Pop Up Room Shop

Joanna with a beautiful shaped coffee table 

Magda with charming, vintage chairs and....with a little helper hehe;)

Julie and newspaper rack with a lot of details! 

Aneta came just with the cabinet doors - the rest she did at home :)

Judith and the beautiful adjustable mirror...

Everybody were very concentrated during the work...

May I take a picture?

There was also the time to drink something and to have a snack....


...and sometimes everything upside down... 

And this is what we were working with? The Vintro Chalk Paint 

And the finished things :)))))))

Our excellent team: Aneta, Joanna, Margaret, Judith, Magda and Julie :)

Thank you ladies for this wonderful Sunday's evening ;)