poniedziałek, 31 sierpnia 2015

New chalk paints in Glasgow - Scotland - Vintro Chalk Paint

Vintro Chalk Paint 31 fabulous colours for furniture and interior decoration.

This is the best news for all shabby chic and vintage furniture painters around Glasgow 
and even around Scotland!!! 
We could't wait...and we are really impressed and so happy that we can show you and tell you now: Decuberry is the place in Glasgow where you can get the best chalk paints ever.
You have to try them and I'm sure you will be very satisfied. Beautiful colours, excellent consistency and quality. 

This is exactly what we were looking for for our projects and now for our customers and even new fellow-workers!!! 

Yes, because also YOU can become the Vintro Chalk Paint authorised stockist - just email to us and ask about details here:


or here: decuberry@gmail.com

Now the Vintro Chalk Paints are available in 31 fabulous colours here: www.decuberry.co.uk  

or here: Decuberry studio 142/146 Crownpoint Road; G40 2DA Glasgow

What's my personal experience with the chalk paints in general, you can read below...

...and what others think about Vintro Chalk Paints you can see here: 

When I was starting to be interest of furniture painting I met a lot of paints in the internet.
The one of the most popular are Annie Sloan's chalk paints. It was exactly what I was looking for the best quality, deep colours, easy to apply and machining. It was over 3 years ago. Because it was in the beginning when I've started to do my art/craft work in the UK I was trying to develop my business then I was looking for any cheaper solutions for my business. So I was looking for also cheaper paints. During this all time I've found and checked a lot of kinds paints and companies. I became even professional recipient of one of these companies. But...unfortunately, I wasn't happy from their quality... I really didn't find better paints and products as Annie Sloan has...until now! I've ordered two samples of the Vintro paints and I was very surprised of their high quality!!! 
It couldn't be possible for me to sell something without confidence about their quality...

More pictures of them and how they work you could read in the next post:) 

All the best for you - chalk painters, Joanna ;)