piątek, 4 września 2015

What is your favourite colour?

This is absolutely the colour of my frame of mind in a last time. This beautiful colour may looks great everywhere and on each surface....on furniture, walls, decoration things bigger or smaller...

You can achieve with it very charming but clear almost crystalline interior or, when you add some antique or dark wax, create a little bit warmer atmosphere...
From Pinterest

I personally love lightly distressed items and just touched with the dark wax...

From Pinterest

What is your favourite colour - I'm waiting for your comments also with pictures.

Of course in our Vintro Chalk Paint palette you can get this beautiful colour - it's called Moonstone and you can achieve a similar effects with using this amazing colour. 

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It's also easy to get this and other colours of these best chalk paints. 
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or directly from my Decuberry studio in Glasgow on 142/146 Crownpoint Road G40 2DA 

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From Pinerest

See you later with other colours from the Vintro Chalk Paint palette:)
I wish you beautiful day, Joanna