wtorek, 8 września 2015

Tea boxes for the Alamo guest house - decoupage and beautiful interiors...

I have something what is waiting longer time to show... 

I still don't know which one is my bigger love - 
making the shabby chic furniture or do the decoupage things... 

So today I'll show you other side of my soul. 
There is a place in a heart of Glasgow that I have for a special sentiment - the Alamo guest house. There were my beginnings of my work in Glasgow...in Scotland at all...
...the beginnings of my language skills - 
thanks to Emma and Steve and their absolutely wonderful staff for their amazing patience... 

And as could you read here they supported and they are still supporting my adventure with the Scottish souvenirs - their guests can buy my things through whole year and take them to the countries around the world - I'm so proud of it. 
That's the reason why sometimes I do something special for them - and here you can see the decoupage tea boxes which I made for each one from their 12 rooms... 
I hope you will like it such as also beautiful interiors of the Alamo guest house where they are now...

I invite you for a trip...

Even in my studio before moving to the Alamo...

...and also here...

And here on its place in the room number 1 

...and here...

Room number 2


Room number 5


Room number 6


Room number 7


Room number 3


Room number 9


Room number 12


Room number 8


Room number 11


Room number 4


Room number10

That's all my dears :)

I hope you liked the tea boxes and you feel encouraged to visit this beautiful place in Glasgow and also me here decuberry.co.uk or in my studio on 142/146 Crownpoin Road G40 2DA in Glasgow. 

See you soon, Joanna