wtorek, 5 lipca 2016

My Scottish Souvenirs - all in one place from now.

Hello :)
I decided to separate my second (or the first - I still don't know
 hehe) love - hand made/hand decorated Scotthish Souvenirs, from 
my shabby chic furniture page. It'll be easier for all of you who are
interested just in my Scottish Travel Souvenirs.

I'm really happy that every day more and more people ask me if 
they can sell the souvenirs at their shops.

I'd love to inform you about a new place where you can find and 
buy my Scottish Souvenirs - this is the Maison Chic gift shop in 

Thank you Fiona for your excellent cooperation.

So, I invite you to visit my FB page with the Scottish Travel 
Souvenirs only, here:

Like and share please, Joanna 

Ask me about the cooperation, Joanna :) 

poniedziałek, 23 maja 2016

Vitnage style furniture and walls...

The black color definitely dominates in my studio recently. You can see what has been sold in last 2-3 weeks.

And these furniture and decoration still you can buy here www.decuberry.co.uk 

Shabby chic/vintage, black coffee table

Shabby chic/vintage, black and blue, small coffee table

Vintage distressed, rectangle, long mirror with a brads. Painted with Vintro Chalk Paint - Victorian Black

Vintage distressed, rectangle mirror. Painted with Vintro Chalk Paint - Christabele and Victorian Black

Shabby chic/vintage halfmoon table with the vintage graphics on the top.

And I have more orders for same style. Do you like it as much as I do? :) 

            Would you like something like this at your home, restaurant, hair/beauty salon, coffee shop, tea room, pub, club etc...just let me know and I tell you what I can do for you Emotikon smile

I also do the walls and doors in this old, vintage style with graphics. 

This is not the wallpaper - everything is hand made, every single picture - you can visit my studio and see how does it look in live: 142/146 Crownpoint Road G40 2AE Glasgow 

or email me: decuberry.service@gmail.com

or text me: 07445806976 
Joanna :) 


I'm waiting for you :)

Have a nice week, Joanna ;)