poniedziałek, 23 maja 2016

Vitnage style furniture and walls...

The black color definitely dominates in my studio recently. You can see what has been sold in last 2-3 weeks.

And these furniture and decoration still you can buy here www.decuberry.co.uk 

Shabby chic/vintage, black coffee table

Shabby chic/vintage, black and blue, small coffee table

Vintage distressed, rectangle, long mirror with a brads. Painted with Vintro Chalk Paint - Victorian Black

Vintage distressed, rectangle mirror. Painted with Vintro Chalk Paint - Christabele and Victorian Black

Shabby chic/vintage halfmoon table with the vintage graphics on the top.

And I have more orders for same style. Do you like it as much as I do? :) 

            Would you like something like this at your home, restaurant, hair/beauty salon, coffee shop, tea room, pub, club etc...just let me know and I tell you what I can do for you Emotikon smile

I also do the walls and doors in this old, vintage style with graphics. 

This is not the wallpaper - everything is hand made, every single picture - you can visit my studio and see how does it look in live: 142/146 Crownpoint Road G40 2AE Glasgow 

or email me: decuberry.service@gmail.com

or text me: 07445806976 
Joanna :) 


I'm waiting for you :)

Have a nice week, Joanna ;)