czwartek, 11 czerwca 2015

Something nice, charming and bold directly from my Decuberry studio:)


...shabby chic, vintage, country style, french chic tables and chairs sets:)

I'd like to show you my latest projects. Some of them was waiting close the one year for finish... It was enough for me to look at them unfinished - sometimes we need more time for our inspiration be year is really enough. I'm talking now mainly about really bold...brave...distressed set of solid wooden table with chairs . Have a look below and let me know what do you think about it. I think that it could fit to the restaurant, coffee shop, tea room or even to a big house as an only the country style accent - what you think?

All these sets you can find here:

Or maybe something in provence colour - distressed and aged with the dark natural wax - here you go! Ideal to a small kitchen - very heavy and solid of wooden set.

But not all is only for bold people he he ;)

I've made also something very delicate, sweet and charming. Especially for the white shabby chic style lovers. 

Two sets of white table/chairs without distressing - I leave them in order to give them an occasion for natural use...for natural distressing, attrition. 

The set with a beautiful grey rose lace pattern on the top of table and chairs.

 And the other one: charming white shabby chic set with the blue accent with upholstered chairs in the mellow shape and matching blue pattern on the top of the table.

Let me know, please what do you think about all these sets.
 Would be very nice to read the comments. 
Many thanks for your time. I wish you the best day, 
Joanna from Decuberry